Bear Hunting Magazine
Eastern Ridge Adventures had the privilege of having Al Raychard, an Editor for Bear
Hunting Magazine, hunt with us in the Spring of 2006.  Al had a very exciting hunt,
seeing bear in front of him every day before having his arrow miss it's mark when he
got his shot.  Al went away with great memories!  Heres what he had to say..............

Thanks so much of an excellent and memorable hunt this past spring on Maine Indian
land.  As you know I did not kill a bear, but that is only part of a successful hunt.  I saw
bear every day so the opportunity was there.  Having hunted bear across North America
and as a writer who goes on several bear hunts each year and who has seen his share of
outfitters both good and bad, you certainly did your job as guide and outfitter extremely
well.  I appreciate your efforts, wish you much success and look forward to hunting with
you again.

Al Raychard
Editor At-Large-  Bear Hunting Magazine
Author-  Hunting America's Bear
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