Spring seems like a long way from fall for those who love to hunt big game.  So when my wife
(Rachel) brought up the idea to take a trip to Maine for a hunt / vacation, what a way to bridge
the gap until then.  Finding Eastern Ridge Adventures to make the trip possible was perfect for
us both.  We were provided with beautiful accommodations on Bog Lake for the perfect get
away.  We were taken care of 1st class the whole trip.  The guides efforts and ERA's service
rate right up there with any guided hunts we have been on.  They put a lot work into making
sure our hunt and stay were enjoyable.  The hunting was the bonus as baits were active and
well maintained.  Through the guide teams efforts we were rewarded with a successful hunt.  
Thank you to the Eastern Ridge Adventures Team.

Jeremiah Collins
Production Manager
G5 Outdoors
2013 Spring Hunt

Eastern Ridge
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