All I can say is "Thanks for a great time and a great Hunt.”

I just wanted to drop you a note and say thank you again for your
great hospitality and your outstanding guide service. You and your
team are second to none when it comes to hunting black bear in
Maine. From your Sunday’s Steak and Lobster welcome dinner in
your new Lodge - to you and your guides going over trail cam
pictures of the stand that you’ll be hunting in the afternoons.
There’s nothing like waking up in your lakeside cabin and being
able to do some small mouth bass fishing in the morning before
your Bear Hunt in the afternoon.

It would be an understatement to say that our crew were completely
satisfied with every aspect of our hunt. Josh and his team are
clearly professionals and gentlemen. It really makes for a
thoroughly enjoyable experience when the guides make intelligent
conversation, share the same passion for hunting and the outdoors
with the hunters, and conduct themselves in an ethical manner.
Josh & his guides are outstanding representatives of all that's right
with hunting in Maine. We got way more than we expected!!

Thank you,

Chris Terzaghi
Chairman – Brandywine Ducks Unlimited
2013 Fall Black Bear Hunt
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