Fall Black Bear Hunts
Semi-Guided Package: The semi-guided hunting package is a
more "do it yourself hunt."  We accept a group of 3-4 hunters per week.  
We provide you with active bait sites with trail cameras.  You maintain,
monitor, and transport yourself during the hunt.  You will be provided with
lodging on the lake and you provide your own meals.  Your cabin will have
a full kitchen to prepare your meals and a grocery store is located in
Machias, 12 miles from camp.

Lodging:  Our guests enjoy lakeside lodging on crystal clear Bog and
Fulton lakes for 7 nights.  All your bed and bathroom linens are provided.  
Every cottage and cabin have electricity and a full bathroom with hot
shower.  Please visit our lodging page to view the cabins and cottages and
other amenities available.

Upon Arrival:  A guide will transport you to the hunting grounds and show
you the active bait sites you will monitor and hunt during the week.  He
will discuss bear movement for the area and proceed to show you how to
replenish your bait site.  Each day of the hunt you are responsible for
driving yourself to and from your stand and replenishing the bait site with
the bait we provide.

Bear Recovery and Care:  Upon shooting your bear you are encouraged to
contact a guide.  We provide help tracking and recovery, game care, game
transportation and registration, skinning, and quartering.  We will help
you arrange butchering services if desired.  We own hounds for tracking
wounded bear which significantly increases recovery percentages.

Hide and Meat Care:  To ensure proper and safe care of your harvested
bear we have our own walk in cooler and freezers.  This keeps your bear at
the correct temperatures to prevent hair slippage of the hide prior to
taxidermy and your bear meat from spoiling.

                    Group discounts available- Contact us for details!
                    Toll Free-  1-877-883-4291
Our Semi Guided Fall Black Bear Hunts Include:
Eastern Ridge Adventures

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