Jayden Rhodes
Black Bear
Whitetail Deer
Wild Turkey
2016 was a very memorable year for my family and especially my 13 year old son,
Jayden.  He fell in love with the Sport of hunting at a very young age and has had
very successful experiences thus far in his life.  He has always been on my heels
and acted as my shadow as I hunted big game in Maine in hopes of bagging that
next trophy.  I was able to be by his side this hunting season as he accomplished
harvesting a bear, moose, deer, and turkey-  the Maine
"Grand Slam."
Jayden's season began by harvesting a 175 lb Maine Black Bear while
hound hunting.  He's developed a love for hounds throughout his
young life after all the feedings and training he's provided at our
family's Kennel.  This bear had beautiful unique blonde hair all under
it's neck, in it's ears, and throughout it's face.  This was Jayden's
second Maine Black Bear.
Jayden's next mission was his October Moose Hunt.  His
mother drew a bull tag and he was the subpermitee.  After a
wet and windy first day, the second day was perfect
weather.  We set up that second afternoon and called this
nice bull moose in to 75 yards.  Watching my sons reaction
to a bull moose crashing and calling as he came in to our
call was unforgettable.  This was Jayden's First Moose.  
Jayden harvested his whitetail deer on youth day.  This 7
point, 224 lb, buck entered a clear cut first thing that
morning.  Carrying his 30-30 lever action Jayden got
steady, aimed high, and made a 223 yard shot!  Tracking
and recovering his deer was an experience we both will
never forget!  This was Jayden's second Maine Buck.
Jayden's final hunt was going after the wild turkey.  Fall
turkey hunting can be tough but the strategy of spot and
stalk is one of his favorites.  After a 400 yard stalk using a
stone wall for cover, Jayden connected with a hen turkey.  
This was Jayden's second Maine Turkey.
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